Saturday, February 9, 2013

Blizzard of 2013

Hello Bloggers,

I thought I would share a few pictures from the last few days and how we're dealing with snow removal.  In our town, we had 33 inches and as you can probably guess, it's quite the feat to move it all.  I hope everyone is safe and warm...  Have a great weekend.

My husband trying out the new snow blower Friday afternoon.

It always has to be a Honda.  LOL.

It sure was cold and the snow hit you like little knives.

Zoe trying to find a place to do her business.

Rocco was a bit more adventurous, though he is a bit bigger than Zoe. 

Check our Rocco's head by the tree.  He found a spot that wasn't quite as snow covered.

Rocco heading back.  He loves the snow!

The neighbor across the street trying to get plowed out.  The plow got stuck and they returned with another truck only to get that one stuck too.  I think both were damaged as the driveway still isn't plowed.

Barry clearing out the area under our deck.

Making his way up the driveway to get to the walkway.  We're still waiting for our driveway to be plowed.  Our guy may need to bring his back hoe to get ours cleaned.  The snow at the end of driveway now is about 4 feet deep due to the municipal plows.

Finally, the walkway is all clear.  It took almost 2 hours and that was with 2 of us.  I had to take some of the snow off the top with a shovel and Barry followed behind with the snow blower.

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