Sunday, September 30, 2012

30 Days of Lists - Days 28, 29 & 30

Hello Bloggers,

I'm happy to say, the I completed all 30 days of lists!  It was quite the adventure and I thoroughly enjoyed the process.  I'm very glad I participated and think I may take part in future "Lists".

Here are my final 3:

List #28 - Little Joys in My Life.  My list:

  • My morning cup o' joe
  • My kitty following me around
  • Receiving comments on my blog posts
  • Seeing my hydrangeas in bloom
  • Crossing items of of my to-do lists

List #29 - What I Finished This Week.  My list:

  • Catching up with my 30 Days of Lists
  • Put together my drawer for my craft room
  • Reorganized my stamps and punches
  • My September monthly production
  • The image for my copic journal

List #30 - Lists to Make.  My list:

  • Projects to complete
  • Christmas gifts
  • House cleaning to-do
  • Books to read
  • Groceries (never-ending)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

30 Days of Lists Catch Up - Days 25, 26 & 27

Hello Bloggers,

I lost a few days; Tuesday I devoted to finishing up the image to put on my Copic journal (pics coming) and Wednesday I had a 12+ hour work day.  I was able to get caught up tonight.

Tuesdays List:  Places I've Lived.  My List:

  • New Hampshire (Wolfeboro, Tilton, Tuftonboro and Ossipee)
  • Massachusetts (Springfield)
  • California (Vista)
  • North Carolina (Jacksonville)
  • Connecticut (Plainville & Wolcott)

Wednesdays List:  Trends I Cannot Stand.  My List:

  • Bangs - I just grew mine out after 30 years; now they're popular.
  • Reality TV Shows - enough already!!
  • Skinny Jeans - my thighs are just too big for them.

Thursdays List:  Bravest Things I've Ever Done.  My List:

  • Getting married for a second time
  • Raising another human being
  • Giving birth

Monday, September 24, 2012

30 Days of Lists - Day 24

Hello Bloggers,

Today's list is just that, a list.  No extra's, no bling.  

Today's List:  Yesterday Was...  My List:

  • Relaxing
  • Creative
  • Sunny and Warm
  • A light night

Sunday, September 23, 2012

30 Days of Lists - Day 23

Hello Bloggers,

Here's my list for today.  I was determined when I signed up for this venture to utilize items that I just had to have and purchased, but have never used.  This list I used a couple of those items, the embellishment in the middle of the flower.  Just had to have the pearls and sparkly ribbon buckles, well at least I can say that I've now used them!

Today's List:  Current Favorites  My List:

  • Chia Seeds
  • Washi Tape
  • Mixed Media
  • DIY Home Improvements
  • Copics
  • YouTube
  • Pinnacle Whipped Vodka

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Copic Marker Colors iPhone Application

Hello Bloggers,

Just a super quick post to share a link to a great app that I just stumbled upon.  This is an iPhone (I believe Droid too) app to keep track of your copic colors so you'll always have an up-to-date list with you!  Never buy duplicates again!!

Copic Marker Colors iPhone Application

30 Days of Lists - Day 22

Good Afternoon Bloggers,

Here's today's list.  This really wasn't much of a "list" for me as there was only one item that really fit.  Didn't take long to create, which is good.

Today's List:  Favorite Photos of Myself  My List:  only one...  this one pic was taken of me, well actually it was me and my husband at his companies Christmas party a few years ago and I cropped the poor guy out.  LOL.  This is probably the best picture of me EVER and I use it often on Facebook and Youtube.

I'd hoped to start the cover of my copic journal this afternoon, but I've been wasting time trying to get my laptops wireless connection working.  I'm about at my wits end and really don't want to make the dreaded call to Tech Support...  Anyway, here's my page!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Another Post! Copic Birthday Card

Hello Bloggers,

Well I did it, two projects completed in one day.  I've had a great day off from work spending time in my craftroom and not doing much of anything else but crafting!!

Tonight's post is a birthday card for my niece.  Three weeks ago, I was watching darlene003 on YouTube and she posted a copic coloring tutorial.  Well, I absolutely fell in love with the image as well as the techniques that Darlene used on the card, especially the 3-D like columns.  As soon as the video ended, I found the image, which btw is a Penny Black stamp...With Journal, and purchased it.  I couldn't wait to color it up following Darlene's tutorial.  I had to wait 3 weeks, but it was worth the wait.  I've never used so many copic markers on one card in my life!  Here's the link to her video as well as her blog post that lists out the marker colors that she used.  I pretty much followed her recipe.  It was very different not picking out papers and ribbon and flowers...

This image so reminded me of my niece and I especially love the Uggs.  I had gotten both of my nieces Ugg-like boots for Christmas last year, so this image is perfect.

You all have a good evening and I'll see you tomorrow with my next 30 day list.

Here's Darlene's video.  You've got to watch it!!

30 Days of Lists - Day 21

Hello Bloggers,

Today's list was super quick.  The page was already set up for journaling, so I just added my list and a bit of Distress Stickles and I called it done.

List 21:  Everything I Bought This Week.  My list:

  • Groceries for the week
  • Distress Ink (summer colors)
  • Gesso
  • Mixed Media Journal
  • Metallic Gelatos
  • 2 Jenni Bowlin punches (from the clearance rack)
  • 2 Stamp Sets (like I need more stamp sets)
  • The Complete Guide to Altered Imagery (Kindle version)

As I mentioned in my last post, I have today off, so I actually will be able to get another project started and I hope completed today.  There may even be a 2nd post, time will tell...

Thursday, September 20, 2012

30 Days of Lists - Day 20

Hello Bloggers,

For today's list, I thought I would try a bit of mixed media since the page was blank.  Lot's of stamping, painting, coloring, etc...  It was fun and I'm happy with the results.

Today's Topic:  Fictional Friends.  My list:

  • Rehvenge - character from the Black Dagger Brotherhood series
  • Chandler - from the TV show Friends
  • Edward Scissorhands
  • Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and Sofia - of course from the Golden Girls

I happy to say that I have an extra long weekend.  I'm taking Friday and Monday off, so I hope to get a little extra crafting done.  I surely will post any projects I complete and of course, I'll continue with the daily list post.  Have a great evening.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

30 Days of Lists - Day 19

Hello Bloggers,

Tonight's list is super simple.  The journal page was very detailed, so all I did for tonight was just "list", added a few paint dots and washi tape and called it an evening.  That's it!  Done!

Events I'd Like to Attend:

  • Summer Olympics
  • The Emmy's
  • The MTV Music Awards
  • South Beach Wine and Food Festival

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

30 Days of Lists - Day 18

Hello Bloggers,

Here's list #18 - "Favorite Names".  This one was a bit more involved than some of the other pages, but that's the beauty of this.  When time permits, I can spend more time or just jot down a list if I'm super busy.

You all have a great evening and more to come tomorrow.

Monday, September 17, 2012

30 Days of Lists- Day 17

Hello Bloggers,

Well, definitely better late than never.  Just a quick share tonight (I'm really tired), but I really wanted to get this posted this evening.  Knowing that this was going to be an extremely busy month at work, I knew that I would not be able to get any crafting in.  In an effort to maintain my sanity and give myself a small break from work, I decided to partake in the 30 Days of Lists for September.  Check out their site to get the low down.

I'm proud to say that I did not purchase any new supplies for this project and I have been able to utilize all of those goodies that I just had to have, but has just been sitting a gathering dust.  I used a journal kit from 7 Gypsies and I honestly don't even remember where I got it from.  I made the cover myself following the same tutorial that I used for my copic journal (still in progress).  

This is list number 17 - "Excuses".  I've posted my previous pages as well as a pic of the cover on a separate page.  Some are more elaborate than others, based on my available time, but that's the beauty of the project. 

I hope you all have a good evening and I will try my best to post the remaining lists.

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