Sunday, August 26, 2012

My New Tool Caddy and Sneak Peek

Hello Bloggers,

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far, boy they go by fast.  Today, I'd like to share my new tool caddy that I found at TJ Max yesterday.  I can't believe how much it holds!  It replaces some plastic drawers and a smaller caddy, more like a pencil box really, and looks so much nicer and is much sturdier.  

It actually is two pieces.  I'm sure it wasn't designed to go together like this, but the top piece fit perfectly on top of the bottom drawers.

The drawers hold so much.  I was able to get all my little stuff that was in the 4 plastic drawers, into these 2.

Now on to my "Sneak Peek"...  

For over a year, I've been wanting to make a "Copic Journal" where I can keep my coloring notes and samples in one place.  Right now, they're scattered all over my desk in my craftroom, downstairs desk, in my computer.  I wanted to be able to add and remove pages easily, but didn't want to use just a plain old binder, so I made my own! I followed a wonderful tutorial by Laura Denison and can't believe how easy it was.  Here's the link to her YouTube tutorial just in case you'd like to check it out.

Here's the inside.  I have the the pages already printed and set to go, but want to embellish the front just a bit.  I will share the project once I complete and hopefully, it won't take another year.

That's it for today.  Off to finish up my weekend chores and hopefully get some crafting in before the day ends.

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