Monday, October 10, 2011

New Lawn Week #4

Hello Bloggers,

Here we are at week #4.  We mowed the lawn for the first time.  Barry and I shared the task with a very heavy, push mower.  Our lawn guys weren't very interested in hand-mowing the lawn, so we decided to do it ourselves, what a workout!  We put too much money in the darn thing to have it all torn up with heavy-duty riding mowers.  We're both very pleased with how it's growing in. 

I hope to be able to work on a couple of craft projects this week.  With my recent vacation and then returning to the busiest week of the month at work, haven't had much opportunity to craft.  I'm having withdrawals...


  1. WOW!! Amazing how wonderful your lawn looks. Good Job.

  2. If the New Lawn grasses can cope up with the stress, it will be healthy and dense and will be able to resist disease. Sometime the disease may spread and it becomes out of any control. However, the disease resistant cultivars can be implemented to avoid future problems.


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